Monthly Archives: February 2014

Road Trip! I left my heart…

For time’s sake I am going to combine San Francisco and Los Angeles into one short and sweet blog post.  Not that there isn’t enough to say about these two places, but I am eager to get to the desert portion of my trip and discus my affinity for red rock mountains and prickly pear […]


After saying goodbye to friends in Portland I started the official solo chick road trip portion. I was nervous and anxious and super excited. I had been all over the country, uprooted my life numerous times and relocated myself to opposite coasts from family and loved ones, but never completely alone. I was excited to […]

Road Trip! Seattle to Portland

First on my to-do list was a road trip home for the holidays!  I am originally from Maryland and have been fortunate enough to have some amazing friends and family spread out all over the country and it was time to pay them a visit/crash in their guest rooms. By the way, one perk of […]

Decisions, Actions and Consequences

Where to begin?  I have always envisioned a roller coaster of a life for myself. A life filled with bright colors, outward love, inspiring music, a deluge of experiences, and chaos, lots of controlled chaos.  I dreamed of exploring my internal boundaries and probing my external surroundings. I enjoy pushing against what comes easiest and seeking […]