Road Trip! Sedona Arizona


How many descriptive words can I use in one paragraph?

A barrage of red and orange tones paint the landscape as you descend from forested Flagstaff into the luminous clutches of Sedona. A prelude for what is to come.  Rays of color from every speck of sandstone beam unabridged back at you and your spiritual tank is filled to the brim with one view. Vortexes man.

Sedona is amazing. So amazing that I think I will only post photos and use an annoying amount of descriptive words. We visited Slide Rock State Park, the Coconino National Forest, hiked Bell and Cathedral Rock, and toured the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Anywhere you stop along “Main Street” Sedona will have free maps of the must-see-destinations around town and there are tons of jeep tour and guide centers. The town itself offers a full helping of crystal stores, art galleries and restaurants, and everyone is zealously excited to explain what a vortex is. The locals are nice and eccentric, think beatnik cowboys who gave birth to art teachers. A must see red rock haven that I will definitely visit again.

I can’t believe I didn’t use the word new age anywhere!

IMG_2031IMG_2034 IMG_2047IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2052 IMG_2069 IMG_2083IMG_2081IMG_2110


  1. You also did not use the word… VORTEX! vortex vortex vortices! 🙂 extra heady

  2. kellymariedonlan · · Reply

    damn! you are right! i missed that. my chakras were already aligned after your first photo and sentence, I must have just blissed myself right through it. love following your travels! (i used to live at the base of bell rock 🙂 )

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