Road Trip! Roll Tide!


Gulf Shores, Alabama. Small Town, Big Beach, Bigger Heart.

I’m not sure how many of you have the Gulf Coast of Alabama on your must-see-U.S.-tour-list, but you should add it. The air is salty, the beaches are gorgeous, the people are wonderful, the sailboats are plentiful, and the food spectacular. What more do you need?

You may need to know some locals. I suppose that would help. But if you visit Pirate’s Cove for an afternoon you are likely to walk away with a multitude of new friends and a Bushwacker buzz! I understand completely why Jimmy Buffet likes it here so much.

In between sailing and eating we visited Fort Morgan, Jurassic Park and Bamahenge (see below)!

IMG_2266IMG_2271IMG_2303IMG_2304IMG_2295 DSCN0382IMG_2300IMG_2301IMG_2294Fort_Morgan_EntranceIMG_2289IMG_2292

Random Rendezvous: We took an evening trip to Barber Marina in Josephine, Alabama to visit Bamahenge and check out their dinosaurs. Neat “Road Trip America” find:)

stonehenge funkmason ali


  1. Lee DySard · · Reply

    When do the new adventures begin ?

    Sent from Lee DySard’s iPhone


    1. They haven’t stopped,…but I leave for Central America in Abril;)

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