Road Trip! Redneck Riviera.

A PNS (Pensacola) Haiku:

The south holds the light.

Beaches, Boiled Peanuts, Boat Days.

Pensacola Zen.


Pine Flatwoods.


My favorite time to take pictures.



On an island in the sun. Doug and Buddy. Two wanderers running low on water and almost out of dog food.


In time, Leigh-Cheri became intimate with most of the inanimate objects in her environment, including that inanimate object that controls the reproductive cycles for all living creatures, that inanimate object that choreographs the tides,  that inanimate object that influences sanity, that inanimate object to which J. Isaacs was referring when he wrote, “…the history of poetry in all ages is the attempt to find new images for the moon.”

-Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker


One comment

  1. Check out the moon in the the top left corner! Nice catch. The moon can be very camera shy.

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