Road Trip! Wynwood Walls Miami!



From funny caricatures to bold political statements Miami is home to one of the largest collections of public street art in the world, the Wynwood Walls. Created in 2009 by visionary developer Tony Goldman, this once warehouse district has been revitalized and is now a bustling pedestrian-filled outdoor art gallery. Tony was inspired by the windowless walls and, always a fan of graffiti art, decided they would make for the perfect canvas. He enlisted the help of local and international street artists to cover the exterior of the warehouses, showcasing their talents and adding color to this previously sterile corridor. The urban revitalization that the street art adds has transformed this once down-trodden neighborhood into a lively city center. A new park exists where there was once a gravel lot, trendy bars and restaurants have opened, and over 50 art galleries call Wynwood home. This newly dubbed Museum of the Streets, is a must-see stop on your tour through Miami.

IMG_2956 IMG_2970IMG_2952 IMG_2940 IMG_2946 IMG_2997 IMG_2947
IMG_2990IMG_2901 IMG_2948IMG_2904 IMG_2923 IMG_2908IMG_2938IMG_2898

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