Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Final Countdown

The “Final Countdown” song followed me around all day yesterday. Once as the original glam metal version, another in a syncopated sample beat form, and the last in the grocery store as easy listening. I’ll take that as a good sign:) Today/Tonight marks the first day of the abroad portion of  my world domination tour, and the past […]

Mexico, The Playlist!

In honor of our upcoming trip to Mexico I asked Eddie to create a playlist/playlist-themed-blog write-up for said travels. Hopefully, I will do this for other upcoming escapades as well, and report back on new music that I amass on my travels. Music is to the soul as food is to the body, and I intend to pig out […]

Solid Ground! Charm City, USA

  My west-to-east-coast-half-‘merica road trip ended in Baltimore at the end of December.  It was entirely doable, totally worth it, and completely empowering. After just over 5,000 miles I arrived in Maryland at the height of a winter blizzard. I was eagerly anticipating becoming one with my bed, eating Christmas cookies and playing with my baby niece. Done and done. […]

Explore the Everglades: Shark Valley

What’s the coolest way to explore a national park? To bicycle through it, of course! I visited the Everglades in early January and I don’t think the weather could have been any nicer. After touring the park on foot for a while I decided to switch it up and pay to rent a bike. Checking-in at the […]