Solid Ground! Charm City, USA


IMG_1388My west-to-east-coast-half-‘merica road trip ended in Baltimore at the end of December.  It was entirely doable, totally worth it, and completely empowering. After just over 5,000 miles I arrived in Maryland at the height of a winter blizzard. I was eagerly anticipating becoming one with my bed, eating Christmas cookies and playing with my baby niece.

Done and done.

I took the next few months off of traveling to celebrate holidays, hang with my Charm City chums, watch the Seahawks KILL IT in the Super Bowl, plan my next adventure, and start this here blog.

The next phase has me leaving this Thursday(!) for a one month stint in Central America.

I want to thank everyone for their time, emergency chocolate caches, playlists and mix-tapes, caffeine acquiring gift cards, recommendations, loving families, playful pups, and comfortable sleeping quarters. I could not have done it without you!!!

See plethora of paw pics and baby’s first words below.

Now, viva la Mexico! Carpe Diem! And, bring on the howler monkeys!

Much love,


The last day and other tall tales 030IMG_1510IMG_3214IMG_0658IMG_2279IMG_2707IMG_1844

Gratuitous adorable niece video.

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