The Venice of Mexico, Xochimilco!



A short bus ride from downtown Mexico City and we were in the borough of Xochimilco, a colorful neighborhood connected by winding canals. The sun was shining and the weather was sweet. With michelada (spicy Mexican beer cocktail) in hand we boarded our colorful trajinera (canoe) and pushed off.

Hundreds of boats with flowery painted images and pretty girl names navigated the canals carrying tourists and locals alike. Mariachi bands drifted along serenading couples, and floating vendors sold chili-seasoned corn from the back of their boats. Private homes, yards and chinampa agricultural gardens surrounded the canals, and children sold goods from the lake shores.

This outdoor market meets booze cruise-esque float was definitely a fun and social outing. While we only floated for a few hours, the locals had the right idea filling their boats with iceboxes and homemade food, ready for a festive day of sailing.

IMG_3812 IMG_3895IMG_3899IMG_3910IMG_3830IMG_3858IMG_3886 IMG_3955 IMG_3900IMG_3941IMG_3889


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