Xochimilco, Palm Sunday Funday!


The tale of two cities, or so it felt.

After the sailing portion of our Xochimilco tour concluded we took a few hours to walk the district and take in the Palm Sunday festivities. At one end of the square there were the deeply spiritual attending services and silently knotting fronds into crosses. Tranquil observers filled the cathedral with late-coming faithfuls overflowing into the streets. We could hardly get a head in to sneak a peak at the altar.

Down the street there was a totally different vibe. The kaleidoscope of color pulsating from the market would make a rainbow seem pale. Everything from candy to canaries could be bartered for with impassioned salesmen in endless abundance. At one point I stepped outside and was nearly swept away by a parade of whirling chinelos and resultant street party. Not a bad way to go…

IMG_4013IMG_4001 IMG_4000IMG_4030IMG_4028 IMG_4831IMG_4025IMG_3998IMG_3995IMG_4037IMG_4053

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