Teotihuacán, A Walk Down the Avenue of the Dead

IMG_4275Pyramids have been on my bucket list since before I can remember. Seeming otherworldly and mythical, the sheer sight of them instantly transports me to long gone eras. Without modern technology, earth movers or CAD software whole city’s were assembled to withstand the tests of time. Architectural masterpieces!

With a name like “Avenue of the Dead” it is hard not to be contemplative while roaming the grounds. Climbing the rocky steps to summit the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon generate thoughts of life and purpose. You can feel the pull in your thighs and creaks in your knees as you continue to climb, pushing on until you’ve reached the top. Gazing out over what is left of the city I was reminded that my place in this world is small and fleeting, but exceptional all the same – because I get to be here now. And there is no better time than now!

So go climb your pyramid, knock one off your bucket list and seize the day! Because really, why not?  Carpe diem!



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