Copen, Copen Cabana!

IMG_0592Hej Jer Alle! That’s “Hey Y’all!” in Danish.

With a 24 hour layover in Denmark en-route to Madrid we ventured out of the airport/that night’s fabulous Bed & Breakfast and took to the streets…er canals!

Just leaving the airport proved exceptionally hard as my Danish is horrible. Just kidding – who studies Danish? After lots of hand gestures and map pointing we secured tram tickets and set off.

Copenhagen in June is a lot like Seattle in June, a drizzled-booze-happy-port town. Home, sweet home!

The only thing I knew to look for in Copenhagen was the Hans Christian Anderson “Mermaid” statue. Thus a goal was born.

We wandered half awake around town and searched for our fish-legged sea maiden.

Challenge accepted!

IMG_0576 (2)IMG_0579IMG_0597 (2)IMG_0615 (2) IMG_0645 (2) IMG_0715 (2)


  1. rejectreality101 · · Reply


  2. Amazing photos!!!

  3. Thanks! Copenhagan was quick and dirty, but oh-so beautiful!

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