And Madrid I Did.

IMG_0613Travel blogging while traveling is proving to be very difficult as there is so much to do, see, taste… drink.  And personally I’d rather be anywhere when the sun is out but next to a computer (see: why I quit my job). So here is Madrid in mainly photos. I wish I had more to say and eloquently put forth for you, but I am way too stuffed on tapas and in need of a siesta, or fiesta as some confused tourists call it:)

In short – everything is beautiful, the people are passionate, olives plentiful, jamon delicious and coffee spectacular!

Highlight: My first stop in Europe coincided with Madrid’s Corpus Christi holiday celebration. A moment of reaffirming clarity that quitting my job was the right decision came on day two while standing on a street corner watching the procession of nuns and priests go by. Families dressed in their Sunday best waved handkerchiefs, while elderly women threw baskets of rose pedals from third story balconies at the passersby. A wave of pure bliss flooded my tear ducts.

Yes! This is where I am supposed to be. Now, let the adventure begin!

IMG_0645IMG_0712IMG_0644IMG_0616IMG_0618IMG_0642 IMG_0643IMG_0713IMG_0716IMG_0719IMG_0723IMG_0746IMG_0609

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    Looking good

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