Street Art – Lisboa Edition!


There are few things I love more than hunting for street art – eyes combing back and forth wandering medinas and squares looking for that personal touch of local artistic expression. Fortunately, in Lisbon you do not have to look far.

From the rubble of decaying buildings sprout political triumphs. Winding alleyways recount tales of Fado’s woeful past. Religious figures, along with roosters and skateboarders, loom larger than life.

I’ll take the gritty, the raw, the poor, and the inspired any day of the week.

The historical writing of Portugal, albeit flaking in some places, is literally on the wall.

IMG_0784IMG_0760IMG_0805IMG_0890 IMG_0799IMG_1158IMG_0898IMG_0891IMG_0893IMG_0932 IMG_0905 IMG_0913 IMG_0920 IMG_0933IMG_0755IMG_0795 IMG_0934IMG_1155 IMG_0948 IMG_0964 IMG_0966 IMG_1154 IMG_1160 IMG_1162IMG_0889IMG_1156


  1. Awesome finds! I personally am a fan of the “Don’t Be Mean” one 😉

  2. Love it! Amazing photos.

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