World Music Festival: Bombino Plays Lisbon!


Abrigada Lisboa!

My favorite guitar player played a FREE unbeknownst to me show my first night in Lisbon.

Que mouth-to-floor-face-melting-action!

If you haven’t heard Bombino, his album Nomad was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and is a definite must hear! But really, all of his albums are amazing!

Bombino is a powerful self taught singer-songwriter from Niger.  With a smile on his face he sings of the geopolitical turmoil that surrounded much of his life and the Tuareg people. From the depths of the Sahara his sound is a a finely tuned mixture of  traditional tribal beats brewed with the amplified appeal of Jimi Hendrix and Robert Plant. Making for some powerful music man.

“I do not see my guitar as a gun but rather as a hammer with which to help build the house of the Tuareg people.”

It is always a rare treat when I get to see any of my favorite artists perform as they seldom make appearances in the US. Feeling like a tween at a Beatles concert I took my place. Front. And. Center.

Thank you Bombino! This was a magical night!

IMG_0998 IMG_0862 IMG_0991


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