Merzouga, Morocco: a noiseless oasis

IMG_2066Sitting quietly among 9 million miles of desert is surreal, tranquil and soothing. I could lay by the sandy pool overlooking dunes indefinitely. If you want a lazy escape as a traveler away from any artificial distractions this is it. An immeasurable space with a deafening silence.

Our schedules were full: short searing walks – then back in the pool; chicken tajine – then back in the pool; cat naps on Berber carpets – then back in the pool. The staff were champions of this. Any amount of work followed by a fully clothed dip in the pool. Blistering bliss.

After two days of restful repose we took a camel ride to sleep under the stars. The orange tones of the desert reflected by the lowlights of the sunset made for a beautiful ride. Dotting the horizon you could see other herdsman riding off to camp for the night, always led by the men in blue.

At night everyone became a musician. The bluesy tones of Gnawa music played well into the evening and the over pouring of Berber whiskey, mint tea, was generous. The people were kind, the camels endearing and the ambiance serene.


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