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Merzouga, Morocco: a noiseless oasis

Sitting quietly among 9 million miles of desert is surreal, tranquil and soothing. I could lay by the sandy pool overlooking dunes indefinitely. If you want a lazy escape as a traveler away from any artificial distractions this is it. An immeasurable space with a deafening silence. Our schedules were full: short searing walks – […]

Let’s go to Morocco!

Where to begin? Morocco was my favorite. Hands down. No question. From textiles to tajine, it was love at first site. Everything was foreign, everything was new, and everything was exactly what I knew I wanted for my post-30th adventure. I remember standing on the shores of Spain looking out across the water at Africa and wondering if […]

Teotihuacán, A Walk Down the Avenue of the Dead

Pyramids have been on my bucket list since before I can remember. Seeming otherworldly and mythical, the sheer sight of them instantly transports me to long gone eras. Without modern technology, earth movers or CAD software whole city’s were assembled to withstand the tests of time. Architectural masterpieces! With a name like “Avenue of the Dead” […]

Road Trip! Messed with Texas.

Dance with a cowboy. Check. See live music. Check Visit the capitol. Check. Get a lousy t-shirt. Check Visit amazing friends. Check! Run over a tumbleweed. Check. Visit Top Notch Burgers. Check. Use “Y’all” and “Alright, Alright, Alright” in the same sentence. Check! Party at the Moon Tower. Check. Mess with Texas. Check. I’ve fallen […]

Road Trip! Sedona Arizona

How many descriptive words can I use in one paragraph? A barrage of red and orange tones paint the landscape as you descend from forested Flagstaff into the luminous clutches of Sedona. A prelude for what is to come.  Rays of color from every speck of sandstone beam unabridged back at you and your spiritual […]