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Road Trip! Grand Canyon All Fogged Up.

Doh! After spending a few days in the Superstition Mountains we made our way North to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.  Little did we know that the canyon was completely fogged in! You could not see three feet in front of you. It was rather hilarious with tourists from all over the world walking around […]

Hiking Flat Iron Trail.

Warning, this is a sad one. Possible over-share alert. My choosing to be in Arizona by Thanksgiving was not a coincidence.  I have a very special connection with the Superstition Mountains and the Thanksgiving holiday. When I was 20 years old I nannied for a very exceptional family. There were two kids in diapers, with […]

Road Trip! Petroglyphs, Tarantulas, Saguaros, Oh My!

Did I mention that I love visiting Arizona? Red rock mountains. Canyon lands. Natural wading pools. Dr. Seuss like-trees. Cholla cacti. Supervolcanoes. Prickly Pear ICE CREAM. The best horchata in the states. Beautiful sunsets. And a surprisingly great music scene!? What’s not to love? (Don’t answer that, I am aware that their politics are atrocious:) […]

Road Trip! Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain

Where was I… After grabbing a coffee and strolling through Venice Beach I aimed my arrow towards the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain. I had read about the Salvation Mountain art installation and the resident artists who live there years before and had always dreamed of traveling there. The Salton Sea is beautiful and it […]