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Teotihuacán, A Walk Down the Avenue of the Dead

Pyramids have been on my bucket list since before I can remember. Seeming otherworldly and mythical, the sheer sight of them instantly transports me to long gone eras. Without modern technology, earth movers or CAD software whole city’s were assembled to withstand the tests of time. Architectural masterpieces! With a name like “Avenue of the Dead” […]

Xochimilco, Palm Sunday Funday!

The tale of two cities, or so it felt. After the sailing portion of our Xochimilco tour concluded we took a few hours to walk the district and take in the Palm Sunday festivities. At one end of the square there were the deeply spiritual attending services and silently knotting fronds into crosses. Tranquil observers filled the cathedral with late-coming […]

The Venice of Mexico, Xochimilco!

  A short bus ride from downtown Mexico City and we were in the borough of Xochimilco, a colorful neighborhood connected by winding canals. The sun was shining and the weather was sweet. With michelada (spicy Mexican beer cocktail) in hand we boarded our colorful trajinera (canoe) and pushed off. Hundreds of boats with flowery painted images […]

Viva Mexico!

Where to begin? Mexico is an amazing and vast place. It far exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The food, culture, architecture, religion, history, dance, politics, art, and geography were above and beyond. It was love at first site. From the moment we stepped off the plane we hit the ground running. Starting in Mexico City or […]

The Final Countdown

The “Final Countdown” song followed me around all day yesterday. Once as the original glam metal version, another in a syncopated sample beat form, and the last in the grocery store as easy listening. I’ll take that as a good sign:) Today/Tonight marks the first day of the abroad portion of  my world domination tour, and the past […]