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Segovia: If These Walls/Mountains Could Talk

I was told that the city of Segovia and the Roman Aqueduct it encapsulated  was a must see, so on a rainy day – with no umbrella in hand – I set out to storm the castle. Segovia is a mountain town dating back to the 1st century AD and lies about an hour north of Madrid. From beyond the city […]

Solid Ground! Charm City, USA

  My west-to-east-coast-half-‘merica road trip ended in Baltimore at the end of December.  It was entirely doable, totally worth it, and completely empowering. After just over 5,000 miles I arrived in Maryland at the height of a winter blizzard. I was eagerly anticipating becoming one with my bed, eating Christmas cookies and playing with my baby niece. Done and done. […]

Explore the Everglades: Shark Valley

What’s the coolest way to explore a national park? To bicycle through it, of course! I visited the Everglades in early January and I don’t think the weather could have been any nicer. After touring the park on foot for a while I decided to switch it up and pay to rent a bike. Checking-in at the […]

Road Trip! Wynwood Walls Miami!

  From funny caricatures to bold political statements Miami is home to one of the largest collections of public street art in the world, the Wynwood Walls. Created in 2009 by visionary developer Tony Goldman, this once warehouse district has been revitalized and is now a bustling pedestrian-filled outdoor art gallery. Tony was inspired by the windowless walls and, always […]

Road Trip! Little Havana, Miami.

Calle Ocho, Miami! No trip to Miami would be complete without a stop in La Pequeña Habana or Little Havana. Little Havana is a neighborhood located west of downtown with its main drag beginning on 8th Street (Calle Ocho). It is in essence the cultural, communal and political capitol of Miami for Cuban, South and Central Americans. Calle […]