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Road Trip! Welcome to Miami, Beeeach!

Miami is so expansive that I am breaking it up into sections, starting with Miami Beach! I made it to Miami by the end of December and was ready to welcome in the New Year “Big Willie Style.”  There is something about palm trees and ocean air that affirms paradise and oozes ethereal ease. The high notes from the […]

Road Trip! Redneck Riviera.

A PNS (Pensacola) Haiku: The south holds the light. Beaches, Boiled Peanuts, Boat Days. Pensacola Zen. Pine Flatwoods. My favorite time to take pictures. On an island in the sun. Doug and Buddy. Two wanderers running low on water and almost out of dog food. In time, Leigh-Cheri became intimate with most of the inanimate […]

Road Trip! Roll Tide!

Gulf Shores, Alabama. Small Town, Big Beach, Bigger Heart. I’m not sure how many of you have the Gulf Coast of Alabama on your must-see-U.S.-tour-list, but you should add it. The air is salty, the beaches are gorgeous, the people are wonderful, the sailboats are plentiful, and the food spectacular. What more do you need? […]

Road Trip! Messed with Texas.

Dance with a cowboy. Check. See live music. Check Visit the capitol. Check. Get a lousy t-shirt. Check Visit amazing friends. Check! Run over a tumbleweed. Check. Visit Top Notch Burgers. Check. Use “Y’all” and “Alright, Alright, Alright” in the same sentence. Check! Party at the Moon Tower. Check. Mess with Texas. Check. I’ve fallen […]

Road Trip! Sedona Arizona

How many descriptive words can I use in one paragraph? A barrage of red and orange tones paint the landscape as you descend from forested Flagstaff into the luminous clutches of Sedona. A prelude for what is to come.  Rays of color from every speck of sandstone beam unabridged back at you and your spiritual […]